Appointments & Payments

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Opportunities and benefits of becoming clinical faculty

Clinical faculty ranks

  Clinical Instructor Clinical Assistant Clinical Associate Clinical Professor
Teaching Interest in teaching Capable, clear/useful teaching sessions, efforts to improve teaching Consistently good teaching evaluations Enthusiastic, effective, devoted
Academic contributions over two years (teaching & research)   ~50 hours > 50 hours > 50 hours
Clinical Excellence   Competent Highly competent, expertise in own field, area of special professional skill Outstanding, peer recognition
Professional Service   Member of local/provincial organisations Active role in provincial or national organisations Leadership in national or international organisations
Administrative (hospital, professional organization, Faculty of Medicine / UBC)   Participate in hospital, professional organization, Faculty of Medicine Significant contributions Distinguished service, leadership
Research   Principal investigator, collaborator Principal investigator, collaborator Principal investigator, collaborator

Services and perks

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  • Full access to all UBC Library materials and services
  • UBC card
  • Campus-Wide Login (CWL)
  • Office plaques, lapel pins, business cards
  • Daycare
  • Communications via The Link Newsletter (automatically subscribed) & MedNet

Visit the UBC Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Website to learn more.

Getting a CWL

Contact your designated site coordinator for assistance in obtaining a CWL (Campus Wide Login) account.

Getting paid to teach

Payment structures

Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME)

  • We are all paid in the same way, if you are eligible for teaching payments
  • Caveat: If your contract ‘includes’ teaching, then you won’t get paid extra

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

  • Payments depend on your contract and department
  • Teaching activities eligible for compensation include Teaching without Patient Care (also known as Didactic Teaching) and Teaching with Patient Care

For more details, visit the FoM Appointment Policy & Compensation Terms. It is best to speak to your department administrator for specific questions on your payment structure.


Teaching Tracking & Payment System (TTPS)

The Teaching Tracking and Payment System (TTPS) is a province-wide system, which the Faculty of Medicine uses to document the teaching contributions of clinical faculty who teach in the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP). TTPS streamlines administrative processes for managing clinical faculty information and payments.

TTPS provides quarterly teaching statements for clinical faculty which include:

  • Detail teaching activities and payment amounts (when eligible);
  • Allow clinical faculty to review teaching activities and identify any inaccuracies; and
  • Provide a record of teaching contributions that can be used for reappointment, promotion and other recognition opportunities.

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