Case-Based Learning

What are the opportunities to teach in Case-Based Learning?

Case-Based Learning (CBL) occurs in the first two years of the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP), focusing on the transition from foundational science to clinical knowledge and skill development through small group learning. Students discuss patient cases of increasing complexity to enhance their medical understanding, diagnostic reasoning, and patient management skills.

We need 24-36 tutors per cluster (six clusters in Year 1, seven clusters in Year 2). Each cluster is 4-5 weeks long. Tutors eligible for payment are compensated at a rate of 1.5 units per hour.

  • 1 Pre-cluster orientation meeting
  • 8-9 students per group, 3 tutorials a week
  • 6 hours of Tutoring + 1 hour Tutor Meeting
  • Complete mid-cluster and end-of-cluster Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)

Year 1 tutorials are held Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:00-9:50am at Life Sciences Centre, UBC.

  • 1 Pre-cluster orientation meeting
  • 8-9 students per group, 2 tutorials a week
  • 4 hours of Tutoring + 1 hour Tutor Meeting
  • Complete end-of-cluster Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)

Year 2 tutorials are held Wednesday and Friday from 8:00-9:50am at Diamond Health Care Centre, VGH.


What is required from a CBL tutor?

New Tutor Training

CBL Tutors must hold a UBC faculty appointment. All new tutors must complete the CBL Tutor Training (one 4-hour session) prior to tutoring, and observe 2 to 3 real CBL tutorials to be familiarized with the tutoring process. You are not required to be content experts but preferably clinicians for certain courses (MEDD 422C and 422D).



  • Tutor a group of 8-9 students in the discussion of weekly CBL cases over a cluster
  • Guide students to achieve weekly case objectives
  • Complete mandatory Workplace-Based Assessments
  • Monitor student attendance and report any absences or concerns to a local site administrator or Site Director
  • Mandatory participation/attendance in the pre-cluster meeting and all weekly tutor meetings


Feedback from Students

CBL tutors are assessed by students and receive feedback on their performance. Tutors who receive assessments of concern may be invited to meet with the appropriate Course or Site Directors, recommended to attend faculty development, and/or may not be invited to tutor in the future.


Who are my CBL contacts?