Working with Students

Get familiar with policies around working with students

Student Affairs

Student performance might be impacted by health/illness, personal situations, learning styles, etc. Students can self-refer, or faculty can identify students in need of support. Contact Student Affairs.

Student duty hours and important dates

Find key details on students’ protected times in Year 3.

Supporting students in the National Residency Match (CaRMS)

This guide outlines the ways faculty members can support medical students before, during, and after the National Residency Match, and where to learn about reference letters if students request one from you as a faculty member.

Reporting workplace injuries

As students are considered employees during Year 4 of medical school, injuries in the workplace must be reported to the preceptor, WorkSafeBC and UBC. Information can be found here on How to Report a Hazardous Condition or Act, and here for the Blood and Body Fluid: Exposure Control Plan. Early identification of concerns makes it possible for us to arrange appropriate support and assistance for you and your student.

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