Getting Better Together

The 1:1 Peer Coaching Program provides an excellent opportunity for you to engage in confidential dialogue about your teaching with a trusted peer. Moreover, it can enable you to further develop your coaching skills by observing and providing constructive feedback to a colleague.



How can I  join?
Experience with coaching is not necessary. To participate, please send an email to the VFMP Faculty Development office at to indicate your interest. You can find a partner in several ways, including at your course orientation or tutor meeting. Alternatively, you may already have a colleague interested in partnering with you. If you are struggling to find a partner, please contact us and we will try and link you with someone else.

To receive a completion letter for your participation in a 1:1 Peer Coaching Program session:

  • Please email the VFMP Faculty Development office at
  • Identify the name of the course and participation date.

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