Invitation to Career Exploration Opportunities with Student Affairs

UBC MD Undergraduate Program: Shadowing, the Career Planning Café, and the VFMP Mentor Program:

Thank you for your interest in the Shadowing, the Career Planning Café, and/or the VFMP Mentor Program. If you would like to volunteer with any of the programs, read the post to sign up!

1. Shadowing

Students visit your clinical setting to see what your practice is like and chat with you about a day in the life. They will contact you or your assistant to arrange times.

Shadowing students are covered by UBC Risk Management liability if they register in our MDUP Shadowing Registration

2. Career Planning Café

Career Planning Café offers students a chance to learn about your field in a casual environment. Held via Zoom for 45 minutes and attended by a maximum of eight students, these mini-sessions have been well-received by physicians and students alike.

Testimonials from our students:

The physician was so thoughtful, he really didn’t hold back. I appreciated that so much.

This was such an absolutely wonderful experience. I beg that you please offer this again for students especially those in year 3/4.

This has been amazing! It can be hard to get exposure to different areas of medicine, but the the program allowed me to get a glimpse of a variety of specialties.

Our staff will contact you for scheduling.

3. VFMP Mentor Program

The VFMP Mentor Program provides UBC MD students in the Vancouver Fraser Medical Program with the opportunity to focus on their own personal and professional development in an informal, supportive environment with an impartial person, a Mentor, outside of their day-to-day relationships. Groups’ size varies anywhere between 5 and 25 students per group and comprises of year 1 – 4 students.

We ask our Mentors to meet with their group of students at least four times a year. Please note that this form is to gauge interest and that we cannot guarantee you a group at this time.

If you are interested in volunteering, click here to sign up!